This documentation is a work in progress and may contain inaccuracies. Please reach out to us through our social media if something doesn't make sense or you would like anything explained in more detail

CompliFi is a decentralised derivatives protocol focused on delivering a simple, but uncompromised experience for traders, and a strong return on capital for investors.

The protocol uses investors' liquidity as collateral to create an algorithmic market in a range of financial instruments, allowing traders to implement a variety of sophisiticated risk strategies.

CompliFi plays the counterparty role in all trading activity and manages the resulting risk through sophisticated on-chain algorithms, geared towards a consistent APY and downside protection.

By design, CompliFi derivatives do not carry any counterparty risk - they are fully collateralised at all times and in all market conditions. As a result, CompliFi does not make use of margin calls or liquidations.

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